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Navigation Drawer – Where Does it Belong in the View Hierarchy?

It used to be so simple. But things change. Sometimes you have to break the old to create new. When the Navigation Drawer pattern became a part of the Google’s design guideline for Android it was clearly defined and the implementation was available of devs to use. But did Google make a mistake in  [ Read More ]

The State of Android Hardware Companion Apps

 – Doing Android wrong makes me distrust your product’s future. Time after time I keep running to this same issue: hardware companies don’t get Android. Companies building expensive products are either completely failing in their mobile app strategy across the board or put all their efforts to their iOS app effectively making their Android apps  [ Read More ]

How We Created Scalable UI – A Case Study

I rarely get to write about projects I’ve been involved with myself so writing this one makes for a pleasant change. For more than a year I’ve been working as a consultant embedded as a part of a very talented Android design and dev team at Onefootball. Onefootball, an awesome startup based in Berlin, have  [ Read More ]


iPhone Crash Course – Step 4: Ask the Right Questions

The most common problem from clients or stakeholders is not that the design wasn’t good but that it didn’t meet the business objectives or didn’t solve the problem the app was supposed to solve.  This is true for any project but there are a few unique questions for iPhone apps that you should be sure  [ Read More ]

iPhone Crash Course – Step 6: Essential Facts and Tricks

We’ve covered a lot of the essential design concepts already in this crash course.  Yet, there are still those facts and tricks that separate the experts from the amateurs. Here are a few essential things you will absolutely be expected to know without looking it up: How to take a snapshot of your iPhone screen  [ Read More ]

iPhone Crash Course – Step 5: Get Tools for Prototyping

There will inevitably be many cycles of iterating your design before you reach consensus.  You need prototyping tools that will allow you to mock up (and update your changes) quickly. Everyone has their personal preference on the tools or medium they prefer for prototyping.  Some designers prefer specialized prototyping tools, others prefer the design tools  [ Read More ]


Android Crash Course – Step 1: Specify Design Parameters

With Android, there is a huge range of devices, screen sizes, input mechanisms, and OS versions.  You simply can’t guarantee a client or your team that the app that is delivered will look and feel perfect on every possible device out there.  While you will certainly do your best to design so that it works  [ Read More ]

Android Crash Course – Introduction

You need to design an Android app… yesterday. You know something about UI design or GUI design so fortunately you aren’t new to design.  Maybe you’ve already learned how to design for iOS (iPhone/iPad) on this site.  But you’ve heard that there are a huge range of Android devices with different screen sizes, buttons, and  [ Read More ]

design-examples — When Good Design Meets Scarily Accurate Data

It’s that time again. Here’s another minimal weath.. No. This is not a minimal weather app. This is not even just a weather app. It goes way beyond that. The creators of Dark Sky, the scarily accurate weather app, are back with Forecast. Forecast is an amazing new global weather service. Forecast takes the Dark  [ Read More ]

Clever Clues — Another Addictive Word Game for iPhone

If you’ve been reading my articles here, you already know that I love my word games. Unlike other game genres, Word Games let me play when I want to. They don’t need my constant attention and they’re easy to keep aside and continue from where I left off. My favorite word game to be released  [ Read More ]

Llumino Lets You Feel Calculations with Elegant Animations

The iPhone comes with a decent calculator app that gets the job done for most people. That has never stopped me from looking to the App Store for a more beautiful replacement. PCalc and Soulver have been popular for power users. I’d been happily using Calcbot until Rechner came along, but then I was completely  [ Read More ]

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