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The most common problem from clients or stakeholders is not that the design wasn’t good but that it didn’t meet the business objectives or didn’t solve the problem the app was supposed to solve.  This is true for any project but there are a few unique questions for iPhone apps that you should be sure  [ Read More ]

We’ve covered a lot of the essential design concepts already in this crash course.  Yet, there are still those facts and tricks that separate the experts from the amateurs. Here are a few essential things you will absolutely be expected to know without looking it up: How to take a snapshot of your iPhone screen  [ Read More ]

There will inevitably be many cycles of iterating your design before you reach consensus.  You need prototyping tools that will allow you to mock up (and update your changes) quickly. Everyone has their personal preference on the tools or medium they prefer for prototyping.  Some designers prefer specialized prototyping tools, others prefer the design tools  [ Read More ]

Painters learn to paint by first mimicking the famous masters before developing their own style.  The same is true for learning iPhone design. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel.  There are far too many apps in the App Store for you to look at them all.  We recommend the following resources to help you  [ Read More ]

The iPhone operating system includes a large number of standard UI elements.  These are the familiar tab bar, alerts, table views, and sliders that we see in apps all the time.  Although you might decide to have some custom UI elements to make your app unique, this is where you need to start. If you  [ Read More ]

You want to design, not develop.  So, you don’t need to take up time learning how to program or use the SDK. However, you do need to understand two things about the technical architecture that will impact your design: The difference between an app, a website, and a hybrid Some of the technical constraints of  [ Read More ]

Your boss or client wants an iPhone app designed.  You need to become an expert fast.  In a day. Fortunately, you already know something about design so you’re not starting completely from scratch.  But you still need to know what’s different about the iPhone, how it all works, and some core insights into iPhone UI  [ Read More ]

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