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It’s a sad day when I have to write a negative post about an app that was built by one of the Android phone manufacturers I really like. But in this case I just cannot not write this. This app is so full of mistakes in UX design that I don’t even know where to  [ Read More ]

Kirill Grouchnikov often talks about the design and development of Google Play Android app and lets us see behind the curtain of the most used Android app and how to make it work on all devices. In the AnDevCon  Kirill gave a presentation with Marco Paglia “Going Responsive with Google Play”. The presentation slides are now available  [ Read More ]

Sometimes when installing random apps from Google Play I run into apps that are great positive surprises and stand out from the masses. In this case this app isn’t mind blowing or anything like that but it is a good, simple to use and very much an Android app. I’m talking about Hotel Search HRS app.  [ Read More ]

I’ve been reading about new APIs and services available in the new Android 4.4, KitKat, release. It looks like this release is another big step forwards with the platform UI design. Probably the biggest user-facing change is the toning down of the Holo blue colour throughout the system. The system status bar, for example, no  [ Read More ]

There’s tons of information about Android 4.4 all over the Android developer site. I bet we’ve all been sifting through the information overload yesterday and today.  But wait, there’s more! Google’s engineers and developer advocates have been posting tons of interesting post to Google+ allowing us to deepen our knowledge of the new platform version.  [ Read More ]

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