Thursday, October 19, 2017

iPhone App Design Tools

We’re not interested in being comprehensive.  We want to point you towards the best tools available in every category:

Design Principles and Guidelines

iPhone/iPad App Reviews and Design Patterns

  • iPhone UX Reviews.  This is Suzanne Ginsburg’s blog where she reviews, and more importantly, analyzes the user experience of different iPhone and iPad apps.
  • iPhone Design Patterns.  Mike Rundle’s Flyosity also has some great analysis of some common custom design patterns.

App Store Tracking

  • Apptism.  This site allows you to track the App Store performance of different apps and even allows you to create alerts and watchlists.

Prototyping Tools

Tips and Tricks

Mobile Website Builders

  • Mofuse. Powers over 40K+ mobile sites.  Turnkey hosted service to build basic mobile websites with a monthly fee.
  • Mobify.  Plugs into your existing desktop website to dynamically generate a mobile website.  Requires an existing desktop website (hosted by you) and knowledge of CSS.

Website Emulator

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