Thursday, October 19, 2017

The most common problem from clients or stakeholders is not that the design wasn’t good but that it didn’t meet the business objectives or didn’t solve the problem the app was supposed to solve.  This is true for any project but there are a few unique questions for iPhone apps that you should be sure to ask.

  • Understand your audience
    • Who is the target user’s demographic/psychographic profile?
    • When and how will they use the app?  What mobile scenarios?
  • Objective
    • What is the objective of the app in one sentence?
  • Business Model
    • What is the business goal of the app?  Sales revenue?  Brand awareness?  Lead generation?
    • Will the app be free?  Paid?  Both with an upsell?
    • Will the app support advertising?
  • Competition
    • Who are the competitors already in the App Store?
    • How will this app differentiate itself from other apps in the App Store?
  • Team
    • Who are the stakeholders?  Who will approve the design?
    • How are the design and development responsibilities shared across the team?
  • Technology
    • Is this an iPhone app, website, or hybrid?
    • Will other mobile devices need to be supported in the future?  Which ones?
    • Is there a server-side component to this app?  If so, what needs to happen on the server vs. the iPhone client

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