Friday, October 20, 2017

Nine-patches are one of the most powerful graphical components for creating scalable Android apps. They are, however, sometimes difficult to understand especially when starting with Android development. The Android Asset Studio online tool has had a nine-patch editor for a while but today it got much better. Roman Nurik announced an addition of an interactive preview  [ Read More ]

The already awesome Android Action Bar Style Generator is now even better. You can now see a preview of the generated style right on the website. Note that the site stores your creation in the URL parameters. If you want to keep working on your creation later or share it to someone simply copy-paste or bookmark  [ Read More ]

In spite of many options out in the market, Google Analytics continues to be a solid, free and extensive solution for tracking your website’s traffic. There are many different ways you can access your Google Analytics data without visiting their clumsy website, including beautiful iPhone apps like Analytiks and Audience and Dashboard Widgets like GAget  [ Read More ]

Regular, light running is the best way to keep your body fit. Go Couch to 5k is the perfect app to get you off the sofa and introduce you to the world of running. Recently released version 2 of the app features one of the most precise GPS-based tracking engine on the App Store. It  [ Read More ]

People have been recommending music on twitter for a long time with hashtags like #nowplaying and through apps that let you share your recommendations on twitter like Soundtracking or NowPlaying. The problem with most song recommendations on twitter is the lack of a preview. makes it insanely easy to recommend a song and also  [ Read More ]

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