Friday, August 18, 2017

I’ve not been writing much lately here. The reason is twofold:1) Android has gotten much better lately and there’s much less to complain about. Companies are starting to understand the value of understanding Android design and doing it right. Well.. mostly.. What’s up with the new G+ app??2) And this is the big one. I’ve  [ Read More ]

 – Doing Android wrong makes me distrust your product’s future. Time after time I keep running to this same issue: hardware companies don’t get Android. Companies building expensive products are either completely failing in their mobile app strategy across the board or put all their efforts to their iOS app effectively making their Android apps  [ Read More ]

Nick Butcher from Google gave a presentation on “Awesome Android Design” in the GDG Sydney meetup. While the presentation itself unfortunately isn’t available online the presentation slides are. This slide deck is packed full of important information from beginner to experienced Android designers and developers! Get the slides from here. Android UI Patterns

Sometimes when installing random apps from Google Play I run into apps that are great positive surprises and stand out from the masses. In this case this app isn’t mind blowing or anything like that but it is a good, simple to use and very much an Android app. I’m talking about Hotel Search HRS app.  [ Read More ]

I’ve been reading about new APIs and services available in the new Android 4.4, KitKat, release. It looks like this release is another big step forwards with the platform UI design. Probably the biggest user-facing change is the toning down of the Holo blue colour throughout the system. The system status bar, for example, no  [ Read More ]

There’s tons of information about Android 4.4 all over the Android developer site. I bet we’ve all been sifting through the information overload yesterday and today.  But wait, there’s more! Google’s engineers and developer advocates have been posting tons of interesting post to Google+ allowing us to deepen our knowledge of the new platform version.  [ Read More ]

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for years but it hasn’t been possible before. Google’s apps on Android have been similar mixture of styles and patterns as we’ve seen in Android apps in general. But now it is finally changing. Google has unified their app UX and visual style. Most of their  [ Read More ]

Nine-patches are one of the most powerful graphical components for creating scalable Android apps. They are, however, sometimes difficult to understand especially when starting with Android development. The Android Asset Studio online tool has had a nine-patch editor for a while but today it got much better. Roman Nurik announced an addition of an interactive preview  [ Read More ]

Tasks app is something I’ve been using as an example of great and simple Android app in many occasions. It’s one of the apps that took the new Android design and implemented it in it very basic and in the simplest form possible. I’ve used it as an example what to do when you don’t  [ Read More ]

The head of Android design in Google, Matias Duarte, posted a great post to G+ about the role of consistency and Android design guidelines. The post is a good read and relates directly to the discussion about the Yahoo! Weather app. “Consistency and conventions are there to help your users. They help users get things done  [ Read More ]

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