Friday, October 20, 2017

Nick Butcher from Google gave a presentation on “Awesome Android Design” in the GDG Sydney meetup. While the presentation itself unfortunately isn’t available online the presentation slides are. This slide deck is packed full of important information from beginner to experienced Android designers and developers! Get the slides from here. Android UI Patterns

Batch is a collection of 300 beautifully crafted icons by Adam Whitcroft. Each icon has been lovingly designed and the collection includes a variety of different cases where you could use the icons, either when designing for the web or just simple in User Interface Design. Each icon in the collection is available as a  [ Read More ]

We recently wrote about Zomato’s Windows Phone App here on Beautiful Pixels and in the review, I’d mentioned how their iOS and Android apps were plain and boring. Zomato has gone ahead and released updates to both their iOS and Android apps and I’m glad that they have completely rewritten the apps for these two  [ Read More ]

eBay pushed out version 2.0 of its iPad app a few days ago. This update adds tons of new requested features and a complete overhaul of the UI including support for the retina display of the new iPad. Most users have had to use the mobile version of the site for certain functionality which wasn’t  [ Read More ]

To me the most impressive feature of the Android operating system is Android intents. Looking at competing mobile operating systems trying to figure out how to integrate Twitter and Facebook to their platforms makes me smile. Android got it right. The integration is not too tight and it is fair. No social network is endorsed  [ Read More ]

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