Thursday, October 19, 2017

It is not often when you run into an app that demonstrates both best and worst design and implementation out there. But Yahoo! has done it with their weather app for Android. This app is a sad example of what ignorance of the platform and its guidelines can do to an app that has a  [ Read More ]

Ankur Kotwal from Google just released the fifth part of his DevBytes: Making Apps Beautiful series to the Android Developers YouTube channel. Each episode of the series introduces an important part of designing any Android app. Ankur then goes through the design approach as well as explains how it is implemented in code. The series tells  [ Read More ]

I’m often asked which apps I’d recommend to new Android designers to look at as great examples. It’s not always an easy question to answer. Often apps have great designs but have weaknesses as well. I usually endup qualifying my answer by pointing out specific parts of the apps I endup sending as recommendations. In  [ Read More ]

Let’s face it, you’re already tired of the abundance of weather apps that show up on the App Store everyday. Every single one of you has, by now, already settled into their favorite weather app and there are literally thousands of you who don’t even depend on a weather app. Every time we showcase a  [ Read More ]

The Internet can suck sometimes. It shows you way too much beauty around the world — the more you see, the less you think you’ve seen. Today, we’re talking about the 90+ places you’ll probably want to check out in a pleasantly designed app for iPad, called TRVL. Instead of being a standalone app, TRVL  [ Read More ]

Our thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring our RSS feed this week. We at Beautiful Pixels are big fans of the platform and love what they offer with the service, so make sure you check them out. Squarespace is a beautiful, intuitive website publishing platform that makes innovative web design more accessible than ever before. Create  [ Read More ]

So far, as a part of our ‘Best of 2012‘ series, we’ve already shown you our picks for the Best App Icons, Best UI Animations, the Best apps to replace the default/stock apps on iOS. So today, to conclude the series and the year, we thought we’d pick the absolute best apps of 2012. Mikhail  [ Read More ]

Kuvva is a website that offers a vast collection of beautiful wallpapers from various artists around the globe. It’s an interesting idea — Kuvva features a new artist every week and offers the work by this artist as wallpapers in a set. You can use the website to download different sizes for your desktop and  [ Read More ]

Tapity, the winner of an Apple Design Award in 2011 in the student category for their app Grades 2 and Sonico Mobile, who are best known for their translation apps for mobile have teamed up for the design an development of Languages — a beautiful translation app for iPhone. Languages app’s core USP is its  [ Read More ]

There are tons of weather apps on the App Store today, each trying to outdo the others in its own unique way. While most of them essentially look similar, there are some standouts that really shine, like Weather 2x, Weather HD and Aelios. MINIMETEO is another such app with a simple & beautiful UI. It’s  [ Read More ]

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