Thursday, October 19, 2017

We’ve started featuring a lot more games than we used to here on Beautiful Pixels. This is partly because the quality of indie games is higher than ever before. Most indie games usually have great and unique visuals. Until a few months ago, I never considered the PlayStation 3 or PSVita important for anything but  [ Read More ]

While the App Store has quite a few calendar apps, I don’t end up using most of them because while they usually look better than the default on iOS, they don’t offer enough to warrant me removing the with its icon that tells you the day and date from my homescreen. I’ve been  [ Read More ]

The App Store has no shortage of games in any category. There are probably more word games than there are weather apps right now. Zach Gage has made quite a name for himself with Bit Pilot and Unify. He released his latest game, SpellTower a while ago and it will blow your mind. SpellTower outclasses  [ Read More ]

Opoloo have designed something special with Timer. It is minimal and beautiful. The app is simple and it has a tablet specific UI as well which is always an added bonus for an Android app. The main screen shows you your saved or running timers. You can add a new timer by tapping the clock  [ Read More ]

We’ve taken a look at NowPlayer, a gesture-centric iPod controller. We’ve also done of quick peek of Attic, perfect for rediscovering some love for those unplayed goodies. Today I bring you Audium, a beautifully crafted, gesture driven app from Mic Pringle, the man with the coolest name in iOS app development. I believe Mic says  [ Read More ]

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