Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tasks app is something I’ve been using as an example of great and simple Android app in many occasions. It’s one of the apps that took the new Android design and implemented it in it very basic and in the simplest form possible. I’ve used it as an example what to do when you don’t  [ Read More ]

Podcast apps cater to a niche market. There are many free apps on every platform that have basic functionality. A paid podcast app caters to a smaller crowd. I subscribe to 32 podcasts and try and listen to every episode of each show. While iOS has a native podcast app (albeit a shitty one) it  [ Read More ]

In a world where most photos are shared using filters on Instagram or Flickr, the source of the same filters is often forgotten. Audio enthusiasts still prefer listening to music on vinyl and there are tons of apps that beautifully try to replicate the experience of listening to music on a turntable like TurnPlay. Today’s  [ Read More ]

As a part of our ‘Best of 2012‘ series to end of this year, we’ve already shown you our picks for Best App Icons and the Best UI Animations so far. We thought today would be a good day to feature some excellent alternative apps or replacements to the stock/default apps that Apple offers for  [ Read More ]

We continue our ‘Best of 2012‘ series with our favourite UI animtions from apps that came out this year. Apps can have stunning UIs & great functionality, but having unique animations and transitions in them make you coming back to them and make the apps worthy of showing off the platform. A good animation or  [ Read More ]

Deal In is a simple service that lets you buy and sell products. It also lets you post pictures about products you have seen but have no idea where to buy so that others can help you find the item in question. The app has been developed by Cuberto and has some spectacular animations in  [ Read More ]

It is easy to think that letting users change all aspects of an app UI makes the UI better. We’ve all heard the “if they don’t like it they can change it” argument. It is also very easy to come up with theoretical scenarios where users would actually want to change any one aspects of the UI.   [ Read More ]

Which are the best tools for designing for Android? I have my favorites but I’d really love to hear about tools you use and your experiences with them. Please leave a comment! To kick of the conversation I’ll present my favorite design tools. Both of these tools are for drawing wireframes. I don’t do visual design at all. OmniGraffle  [ Read More ]

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