Thursday, October 19, 2017

One of the key features of the Google’s new Material Design is introduction of more animations than we have seen before in the guidelines. Material Design is all about bringing tactile materials to our UIs. Things in real life move and interact with our touch in a certain way. With the new guidelines Google is  [ Read More ]

Material design is something that I have not had time to write about yet (but believe when I say that I will!). Fortunately there’s no shortage of others talking about it. Today, Google’s Android Developers blog released a great post about the process they used to build the Google IO app for this year’s conference.  [ Read More ]

Nick Butcher from Google gave a presentation on “Awesome Android Design” in the GDG Sydney meetup. While the presentation itself unfortunately isn’t available online the presentation slides are. This slide deck is packed full of important information from beginner to experienced Android designers and developers! Get the slides from here. Android UI Patterns

It’s a sad day when I have to write a negative post about an app that was built by one of the Android phone manufacturers I really like. But in this case I just cannot not write this. This app is so full of mistakes in UX design that I don’t even know where to  [ Read More ]

I’ve been reading about new APIs and services available in the new Android 4.4, KitKat, release. It looks like this release is another big step forwards with the platform UI design. Probably the biggest user-facing change is the toning down of the Holo blue colour throughout the system. The system status bar, for example, no  [ Read More ]

Taylor Ling has updated his awesome design kit to 4.3. The update contains tons of new updates and it’s all available for free from his website. Check out the changelog and get the download links here: Android UI Design Kit for Photoshop and GIMP 4.3. If you like it and benefit from it please throw few  [ Read More ]

It is not often when you run into an app that demonstrates both best and worst design and implementation out there. But Yahoo! has done it with their weather app for Android. This app is a sad example of what ignorance of the platform and its guidelines can do to an app that has a  [ Read More ]

Tasks app is something I’ve been using as an example of great and simple Android app in many occasions. It’s one of the apps that took the new Android design and implemented it in it very basic and in the simplest form possible. I’ve used it as an example what to do when you don’t  [ Read More ]

In yesterday’s Android Design in Action video podcast Nick Butcher and Roman Nurik talked about design consistency on Android. This is a topic that keeps popping up in many design discussions and seems to be often misunderstood. What does it mean to follow the Holo guidelines when building an app? Does it mean that every  [ Read More ]

Google have updated their Google Maps app for Android. This update is a big change from the previous app version. The new app shows couple of very interesting new design choices. Old app version on the left and new one on the right. Probably the most noticeable change is that Google has done away with the action  [ Read More ]

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