Thursday, October 19, 2017

The iPhone comes with a decent calculator app that gets the job done for most people. That has never stopped me from looking to the App Store for a more beautiful replacement. PCalc and Soulver have been popular for power users. I’d been happily using Calcbot until Rechner came along, but then I was completely  [ Read More ]

March 2013 is just around the corner. Twitter requires all its 3rd party apps to conform to API V1.1 by then. This basically means your favourite Twitter apps will soon be crippled. I have already been facing the rate limit errors and being forced to use Twitter’s official apps makes me want to use Facebook.  [ Read More ]

Many of the users on Twitter today have already settled onto their favorite mobile client or app. There’s a good chance that many of your reading this are already using Tweetbot as your client of choice — widely regarded as the best Twitter app available for iOS. There are also the users that prefer other  [ Read More ]

When Squarespace announced a few days ago that it had released a new app on the App Store, I was pleasantly surprised. Squarespace is known to design and create some amazing products and their iOS app for the core service has already been featured here on Beautiful Pixels. This announcement wasn’t for a new version  [ Read More ]

We keep getting asked why we feature so many weather apps here. It happens after every single weather app review. We do it because there are so many gorgeous weather apps out there. But what makes a weather app stand out and worthy of being featured here? It isn’t just weather data or a boring  [ Read More ]

The Getting Things Done (henceforth GTD) philosophy involves using something externally to record all your tasks so that your mind is free from the job of remembering them. Once the mind is free from remembering tasks, more effort can be spent on actually doing the tasks. As with most things in our life, a cleaner  [ Read More ]

There are plenty of iTunes replacement apps out there. We’ve covered a few of those right here on Beautiful Pixels. So I wasn’t surprised when I came across Sonora. But after getting a good look at its UI and playing with it for a few minutes, I realized there’s a lot more to this app  [ Read More ]

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