Thursday, October 19, 2017

Google have updated their Google Maps app for Android. This update is a big change from the previous app version. The new app shows couple of very interesting new design choices. Old app version on the left and new one on the right. Probably the most noticeable change is that Google has done away with the action  [ Read More ]

In the lastest gmail update Google added a new way to manually force a refresh. This new way isn’t really completely new. It greatly reminds the Twitter’s pull-to-refresh while it differs visually. Check out this video Abhilash Kuduvalli uploaded to Vine to see how the gmail app works: Pulling down the email list initiates an update.  [ Read More ]

Jeff Gilfelt, the developer behind the Action Bar Style Generator and other Android utils, published the first Android Template Project for the upcoming Android Tools I mentioned yesterday. Jeff has gathered many frequently requested templates to his project including ActionBarSherlock Activity and many others. Head to the project page to read the full list and download  [ Read More ]

I’ve been playing with my iPhone for a little bit, here are my quick, unorganized thoughts. I bought a bumper, and before I put it on, it felt like the phone was incredibly droppable. The tapered edges feel like they want to slip through your fingers. I highly recommend the bumper. The plastic back on  [ Read More ]

Emblaze Mobile First Else ? The New Kid On The Smartphone Block Unbeknownst to many in the mobile phone community, there’s a mobile phone company called Emblaze Mobile based in Israel that is poised to do battle with entrenched smartphone makers starting this year. It’s a nine-year old company that operates under the group umbrella  [ Read More ]

Blazing The Smartphone Trail With Emblaze Mobile First Else Just as the year is opening to a slew of Android smartphones emerging as the platform of choice among the world’s leading mobile phone makers, there’s another new and exciting platform on a new smartphone carrying a radical look and feel. It comes from an Anglo-Israeli  [ Read More ]

Something Revolutionary ? The Emblaze Mobile First Else Launched in London this week is the new Emblaze Mobile First Else smartphone.  It doesn’t ring as loud a bell as an HTC or Blackberry smartphone, but you have the promise of a very capable and remarkably unique handset that, if the Israel-based Emblaze Mobile company plays  [ Read More ]

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