Thursday, October 19, 2017

There’s tons of information about Android 4.4 all over the Android developer site. I bet we’ve all been sifting through the information overload yesterday and today.  But wait, there’s more! Google’s engineers and developer advocates have been posting tons of interesting post to Google+ allowing us to deepen our knowledge of the new platform version.  [ Read More ]

I love Launch Center Pro and Drafts. Apps that allow you to get more stuff done with less effort always make their way into my dock. I’ve been using a lot of apps on the Mac that have iOS counterparts like Things, Tweetbot and Reeder. I used all these apps on iOS before I did  [ Read More ]

1928 Jan Tschichold wrote a book called “The New Typography“. He partly wrote the book as a reaction to what he thought were the horrific typographic styles of the late 19th and early 20th century. Tschichold refuted the then reigning decorative conventions by manifesting rules for grids, proportions and composition of type and type-based design  [ Read More ]

Taylor Ling over at the ANDROID USER INTERFACE | USER EXPERIENCE blog has just released a new version of his Android Photoshop GUI Design Kit. This kit contains building blocks like text fields, buttons, switches, tabs and much more. It also has couple of templates for tabbed UIs. Head over to Taylor’s blog post to download  [ Read More ]

It’s the week of music controllers, I guess. Just a few days ago, I wrote about Simplify — a fast, easy, Ecoute-like app with minimal controls for the music you are listening to using a small, vinyl-style window. Today, I bring you Skip Tunes — same features, but with a totally different approach. Like Simplify,  [ Read More ]

Here’s another beautiful app I personally have little use for, but contains enough beautiful pixels from some wonderful design folks to merit a mention here on Beautiful Pixels. is a beautifully designed iPhone app centered around a simple concept — Do things with the people you love. Brought to you by the folks at  [ Read More ]

F480 Tocco From Samsung Joins Vodafone – Samsung Tocco A new breed of touchscreen phones has been relased by Samsung of late, models including the Armani Phone, F700 and F490 incorporate the latest touch screen technology from the manufacturer. The company has followed these products with a new offering, the Samsung Tocco, a sleek,  [ Read More ]

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