Thursday, October 19, 2017

Material design is something that I have not had time to write about yet (but believe when I say that I will!). Fortunately there’s no shortage of others talking about it. Today, Google’s Android Developers blog released a great post about the process they used to build the Google IO app for this year’s conference.  [ Read More ]

Kirill Grouchnikov often talks about the design and development of Google Play Android app and lets us see behind the curtain of the most used Android app and how to make it work on all devices. In the AnDevCon  Kirill gave a presentation with Marco Paglia “Going Responsive with Google Play”. The presentation slides are now available  [ Read More ]

Google has released source code for the Google I/O app. For years, this has been the best example app around and this year is no exception. The app UI demonstrates tons of different responsive UI approaches and the rest of the app is packed with examples how to use different Google APIs. I’ve always found  [ Read More ]

Google have updated their Google Maps app for Android. This update is a big change from the previous app version. The new app shows couple of very interesting new design choices. Old app version on the left and new one on the right. Probably the most noticeable change is that Google has done away with the action  [ Read More ]

Google I/O is the annual Google developer events in San Francisco. This year’s event is just few short (long) days away. On top of new release announcements we’re going to see many good presentations covering large range of topics from technical to designy. As the Android platform has matured the IO talks have gradually been  [ Read More ]

Google I/O 2013 session Android Design for UI Developers by Nick Butcher and Roman Nurik is now available in YouTube. If you read my blog you’re likely going to find this presentation very interesting as well as informative. Nick and Roman cover very important topics for bot designers and developers. I highly recommend taking the time to  [ Read More ]

Taylor Ling from released yet another free tool for Android designers. This one is my favourite of them all because it is for a free tool I use all the time. Google Drive Presentations! Taylor released a Google Drive Presentations template for Android screen design / wireframe design. We’ve seen some browser based screen design  [ Read More ]

Finally, the pattern that is now called Navigation Drawer has got official guidelines from Google. This pattern has become very popular in apps but the implementation has been very different due to lack of official support. Now the situation is changing and not only has Google released design guidelines but also they’ve also released support  [ Read More ]

Yesterday, Google added a possibility for developers to add tablet specific screenshots of their apps to the Google Play store. While this might sound like a minor update it actually has pretty strong implications to designers and developers. From now on users will be able to differentiate between apps that are designed to adapt to  [ Read More ]

Today, Nick Butcher and Roman Nurik from the Google’s Android developer advocate team launched a new weekly video broadcast Android Design in Action. In this broadcast they evaluated few apps and presented their suggestions for improved design. Video recording of the first broadcast is available in YouTube. Roman also posted the presentation images to his  [ Read More ]

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