Thursday, October 19, 2017

The tradition of gifting things to people has been going on for ages. Everyone loves gifts! There’s something about it that incites eagerness and immense joy at the same time. The act of gifting seems to be gradually diversifying from gifting just materialistic things to virtual goods. A teenager these days would be much happier  [ Read More ]

With Twitter screwing more and more developers over with their API bullshit, they are losing 3rd party talent to and the likes. also has a nice developer incentive program. I await the 3rd party Twitter app holocaust that will take place when they fully implement API v1.1 in March next year. Till then,  [ Read More ]

I really love apps that completely embrace the platform they are on and 627.AM by Justin Liu is a perfect example of how even something as menial as an alarm clock app can be done brilliantly. It should be a showcase app for Windows Phone. The app has 6 main sections on its home screen.  [ Read More ]

The iPad has become the quintessential replacement for the board games today. Apps like Scrabble allow you to use the iPad screen as the board with iPod touches or iPhones as tile racks connected over the network or bluetooth. We have seen many boardgames make their way to iOS in the last few years but  [ Read More ]

This is a guest post by Nate Boateng, a good friend of mine and the co-founder of Culture Milk. You can follow him on Twitter here. Picking up friends and relatives from the airport is never fun. It can be a total annoyance to constantly check flight status, figure out when you need to leave  [ Read More ]

The iPhone is so much more than your phone with the amount of apps available in the App Store. It helps you get things done and keep track of what you do. Managing finances is something everyone does. There are many great budget tracking apps in the App Store. xPence, developed by Andrei Nica, adds  [ Read More ]

Flight+ is a beautiful tool for tracking your flights in real time. There are a few other apps that do the same but Flight+ adds that extra bit of elegance to the category. International Airport Flight Track Technologies have put in the effort of making an app that is immensely useful, intuitive and beautiful. When  [ Read More ]

While writing about all the beautifully designes apps here on Beautiful Pixels, many a times, we come across apps that push the boundaries of how “sexy” the UI of an app can really be. Day after day, these gorgeous apps on the App Store leave us in awe with their remarkable pixel work, how simple  [ Read More ]

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