Friday, August 18, 2017

I wanted to give a quick shout out to two Android apps that designers and app UI developers might find very useful in their work. Designer Tools package multiple helpful features into one app. You can can use a grid overlay to check your component alignment, you can overlay your screen with a semi-transparent  [ Read More ]

I’ve seen some great finance apps release in the last year on iOS. xPence was my favourite for its simplicity and travel mode. There are robust expense tracking suites like MoneyWell that have iOS and Mac apps and others that are for people who just something simple for quick entry with a few statistics. Next  [ Read More ]

Coffee lovers and connoisseurs have never been far from some excellent content about their favorite brew. Be it sites like Brew Methods, ventures like Ethical Coffee Chain or apps like Barista or Spro — a lot of us take pride in our love for coffee and knowing about the various coffees out there. The Great  [ Read More ]

The App Store has a plethora of music composing apps. Most of them were rendered useless when Apple announced Garageband for iOS. While most pro musicians would tend to use the higher end music composition apps like Korg iMS-20, the casual musician or the non musician now has tons of apps that make it unbelievably  [ Read More ]

I ran into GigBeat, a free Android app for tracking gigs, a while ago. The user experience of the app was so impressive that I decided to write an article about it to share the knowledge and experience. This app is truly a great example of good mobile and Android design! Login The designer of the  [ Read More ]

Here’s a lovely little app that helps your discover some fantastic artists and their music on Spotify. SpotON Radio is an iPhone app that makes use of the Spotify music streaming service and lets you create personalized radio stations according to your taste. SpotON Radio features a very subtle, yet very beautiful design scheme and  [ Read More ]

Great product design involves thinking about what features to prioritize, planning the user flow from screen to screen, getting user feedback and lots more, but at the end of the day, someone is going to be in Photoshop pushing pixels. The final visual design of a digital interface isn’t going to design itself, and when  [ Read More ]

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