Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sometimes when installing random apps from Google Play I run into apps that are great positive surprises and stand out from the masses. In this case this app isn’t mind blowing or anything like that but it is a good, simple to use and very much an Android app. I’m talking about Hotel Search HRS app.  [ Read More ]

The head of Android design in Google, Matias Duarte, posted a great post to G+ about the role of consistency and Android design guidelines. The post is a good read and relates directly to the discussion about the Yahoo! Weather app. “Consistency and conventions are there to help your users. They help users get things done  [ Read More ]

Finally, the pattern that is now called Navigation Drawer has got official guidelines from Google. This pattern has become very popular in apps but the implementation has been very different due to lack of official support. Now the situation is changing and not only has Google released design guidelines but also they’ve also released support  [ Read More ]

Sorry, but I have to stop you this very instant. If you are expecting to learn something new by reading this article, I am going to let you down big time. However, I do think you should bookmark this page and return to it from time to time and have a refill. A lot of  [ Read More ]

Google has just updated the official Android Design guidelines page by adding new section for settings and updating the navigation section. Head to the Android Design page to read the updates. Patterns – Navigation Updated section: Navigation into Your App via Home Screen Widgets and Notifications. New section: Navigation Between Apps. Patterns – Settings All new section. Also check  [ Read More ]

Google has just announced Android Design guidelines. This is a huge step forwards for the platform! I urge everyone to head to the site at: I think this is going effect to my site too. There’s no longer need to explain the patterns that Google covers but let’s see where we are heading. One thing  [ Read More ]

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