Thursday, October 19, 2017

I love Launch Center Pro and Drafts. Apps that allow you to get more stuff done with less effort always make their way into my dock. I’ve been using a lot of apps on the Mac that have iOS counterparts like Things, Tweetbot and Reeder. I used all these apps on iOS before I did  [ Read More ]

In writing about apps here on Beautiful Pixels, we peruse through dozens of apps & review requests that come in through email, Twitter or the contact form. Today, there is a tremendous amount of talent out there that keeps churning out stunning apps that keeping blowing us (and hopefully you guys) away. But then there’s  [ Read More ]

Ramotion, previously known for the Pick’n’Roll app for Dribbble, have just released TurnPlay for iPad. And the app is, in my opinion, the most amazingly detailed audio player app for iPad I have ever seen. If you’ve seen Ramotion’s work in the past, you’ll know that they go that extra mile with their efforts in  [ Read More ]

The iPad has become the quintessential replacement for the board games today. Apps like Scrabble allow you to use the iPad screen as the board with iPod touches or iPhones as tile racks connected over the network or bluetooth. We have seen many boardgames make their way to iOS in the last few years but  [ Read More ]

There are tons of weather apps on the App Store today, each trying to outdo the others in its own unique way. While most of them essentially look similar, there are some standouts that really shine, like Weather 2x, Weather HD and Aelios. MINIMETEO is another such app with a simple & beautiful UI. It’s  [ Read More ]

When Apple released the new iPad back in March this year, we had featured a stunning collection of Retina wallpapers for the new iPad. It’d be a crime to not fully utilize the brilliant display on this magical device by using something sub-par on it. Since then, as more and more folks have bought the  [ Read More ]

eBay pushed out version 2.0 of its iPad app a few days ago. This update adds tons of new requested features and a complete overhaul of the UI including support for the retina display of the new iPad. Most users have had to use the mobile version of the site for certain functionality which wasn’t  [ Read More ]

Chances are, a majority of our site’s traffic isn’t even going to read this post and probably closed the page right after they read the title because the’ve already purchased the app. Tweetbot for iPad has arguably been the most anticipated release from the Tapbots stable. There was a pretty huge void when it came  [ Read More ]

Showreel is a beautiful app for iOS that lets you browse and watch the latest and greatest movie trailers on your iPad. Designed and developed by the wonderful folks at Riot, Showreel lets you sit back and enjoy movie trailers in glorious HD. It even supports streaming to your Apple TV via AirPlay. Showreel only  [ Read More ]

This is based on speculation and my opinions on the future of Apple products. I know people at Apple but they don’t give me any information. 1. 15″ & 17″ MacBook Pro refresh. The next iteration of these two laptops will include a removal of their optical drive to decrease thickness and overall weight. They  [ Read More ]

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