Thursday, October 19, 2017

If you’ve been reading my articles here, you already know that I love my word games. Unlike other game genres, Word Games let me play when I want to. They don’t need my constant attention and they’re easy to keep aside and continue from where I left off. My favorite word game to be released  [ Read More ]

Online music streaming services like Spotify and Rdio have become immensely popular these days, but they still remain available only in the select few countries where they have the rights. I have always wished for these services to be available in India as and while there is a way to subscribe to them from here,  [ Read More ]

Word games on the iPhone are a lot of fun. Unlike Mikhail, who loves to purchase every possible game developed on this planet along with its soundtrack, I play very few games to begin with. I’ve never been a huge fan of games with insane graphics like Infinity Blade or Real Racing 3 — I  [ Read More ]

I’ve seen some great finance apps release in the last year on iOS. xPence was my favourite for its simplicity and travel mode. There are robust expense tracking suites like MoneyWell that have iOS and Mac apps and others that are for people who just something simple for quick entry with a few statistics. Next  [ Read More ]

Services like CloudApp and Droplr have become immensely popular these days. You can sign up for a Free account and start sharing shortened URLs, images, screenshots, text or even videos or files with a few clicks. Both the services have had a nifty Menubar app for Mac that make sharing anything on Twitter ridiculously easy,  [ Read More ]

The tradition of gifting things to people has been going on for ages. Everyone loves gifts! There’s something about it that incites eagerness and immense joy at the same time. The act of gifting seems to be gradually diversifying from gifting just materialistic things to virtual goods. A teenager these days would be much happier  [ Read More ]

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the Pattrn app, a simple and elegant wallpaper app for Android that gave you easy access to the vast collection of some amazing wallpapers from the COLOURlovers community. Since then, we’ve received a few emails asking if we knew a similar app for iOS. What we didn’t know  [ Read More ]

A few days ago, someone teased a link to Static for iPhone — a simple, slick app that displays stats from a few social networks and channels. The screenshots up on the site were enough to pique my interest and a couple of days later, I was playing with the app on my iPhone. Today,  [ Read More ]

Fabulously Retro‘s Daniel Nicolae is back with another stunning, skeuomorphically splendid app for the iPhone. We’ve already taken a look at their previous apps — Meernotes and Meernotes 2, here on Beautiful Pixels and looking at their UI you already have a very good idea of what Rollie will be like. Rollie is an app  [ Read More ]

While the App Store has quite a few calendar apps, I don’t end up using most of them because while they usually look better than the default on iOS, they don’t offer enough to warrant me removing the with its icon that tells you the day and date from my homescreen. I’ve been  [ Read More ]

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