Thursday, October 19, 2017

The folks at Squarespace were so nice, that they decided to sponsor our RSS feed again this week. We’re truly thankful to them for their support and highly recommend that platform for anyone looking to start a new website or portfolio. Squarespace is a beautiful, intuitive website publishing platform that makes innovative web design more  [ Read More ]

In writing about apps here on Beautiful Pixels, we peruse through dozens of apps & review requests that come in through email, Twitter or the contact form. Today, there is a tremendous amount of talent out there that keeps churning out stunning apps that keeping blowing us (and hopefully you guys) away. But then there’s  [ Read More ]

In Android blogs, especially design related ones, we often get stuck talking about app visuals and if they do follow the Android design guidelines or not etc. While I think that is important I don’t think that is the most important issue in design. More important than looks or even following guidelines is that the  [ Read More ]

The iPhone makes for a great portable device in many cases. A large number of apps on the App Store make it a perfect device for taking quick photos, promptly jotting down notes or adding a reminder for something you’ll probably forget to do. It’s also a neat little device to store lists — lists  [ Read More ]

Google I/O 2012 is over. There’s a lot of new information to go through and sessions to watch. Google took Android to a new level and brought Android tablets with. Looking at the announcements including the new hardware Google is finally making Android tablets relevant for the large audience. While ICS tablets like the Asus  [ Read More ]

HTC EVO 4G Android Phone Whopping 4.3-inch Screen Makes ALL the Difference! HTC EVO 4G Android Phone Save: 0.00 (60%) At: I own three phones, Sprint Palm Pre, T-Mobile Nexus One, and this HTC Evo 4G. One thing I have noticed over the physical keyboard and the Nexus One multi-touch is that HTC Evo  [ Read More ]

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