Thursday, October 19, 2017

There’s tons of information about Android 4.4 all over the Android developer site. I bet we’ve all been sifting through the information overload yesterday and today.  But wait, there’s more! Google’s engineers and developer advocates have been posting tons of interesting post to Google+ allowing us to deepen our knowledge of the new platform version.  [ Read More ]

Let’s face it, you’re already tired of the abundance of weather apps that show up on the App Store everyday. Every single one of you has, by now, already settled into their favorite weather app and there are literally thousands of you who don’t even depend on a weather app. Every time we showcase a  [ Read More ]

We’ve previously written about Meernotes little over a year ago and now the latest update brings tons of new functionality and more importantly, more beautiful pixels. Meernotes by Fabulously Retro is another great example of skeuomorphism done right on iOS. This update also brings support for the 4-inch Retina display on the iPhone 5 and  [ Read More ]

If you’ve ever designed for iOS in Photoshop, you know how long it can take to go from concept to Xcode. You work with Retina and non Retina resolutions for the iPhone and the iPad and you need to save files differently and keep track of quite a few different sizes for different elements. The  [ Read More ]

This is based on speculation and my opinions on the future of Apple products. I know people at Apple but they don’t give me any information. 1. 15″ & 17″ MacBook Pro refresh. The next iteration of these two laptops will include a removal of their optical drive to decrease thickness and overall weight. They  [ Read More ]

The iPhone: Worthy Of The Hype, And Much More Everyone one is going to be better of because of the iPhone, whether you own one or not. It’s like the advent of Local Number Portability – for those customers who changed providers, they were able to access a different phone, feature, or pricing plan that  [ Read More ]

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