Thursday, October 19, 2017

The iOS ecosystem has tons of music composition apps and many prominent musicians like Jordan Rudess have been known to use iOS devices on stage. With apps like Garageband and Djay, iOS devices prove to be brilliant music composition devices as well. There has been a dearth of really great music learning tools on the  [ Read More ]

Our thanks to Audious app for sponsoring our RSS feed this week. Audious is a fantastic replacement for the native music app on your iPhone and iPad with an easier and faster interface. It does away with buttons almost entirely, giving you intuitive gestures to control your music without having to look, like simply flicking  [ Read More ]

People have been recommending music on twitter for a long time with hashtags like #nowplaying and through apps that let you share your recommendations on twitter like Soundtracking or NowPlaying. The problem with most song recommendations on twitter is the lack of a preview. makes it insanely easy to recommend a song and also  [ Read More ]

We all love music, don’t we? But not that many people love their iTunes app, wouldn’t you agree? The app has become cluttered with every release as Apple continues to shove more features into it. This has resulted in many alternative solutions being offered, both to control and organize your music without fiddling with the  [ Read More ]

Here’s a stunning example of what the new web technologies are capable of. The fine folks at HelloEnjoy have put together this highly visual & colorful interactive music experience that utilizes the power of WebGL in modern browsers. It’s interactive, so you can move your mouse pointer around to steer the “light” and even click  [ Read More ]

Reprise is a beautiful iOS music app that claims to be the best way to enjoy your iTunes Music library. When I first checked out the app on the App Store, I wasn’t sold. Sure, the app looked pretty, but I wondered if I needed another music app. I decided to try it out anyway.  [ Read More ]

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