Thursday, October 19, 2017

Technology today has made it ridiculously easy to discover, consume and enjoy media content like movies, TV shows, books, apps or just some good music. On any given day, I go through tons of different recommendations from friends & peers or via Twitter or other social networks. It may be a random song recommendation from  [ Read More ]

The Getting Things Done (henceforth GTD) philosophy involves using something externally to record all your tasks so that your mind is free from the job of remembering them. Once the mind is free from remembering tasks, more effort can be spent on actually doing the tasks. As with most things in our life, a cleaner  [ Read More ]

Here’s another beautiful cocktail recipe app that has me thirsty and craving for some spirits. Back in August, we took a look at The Cocktail App — a stunning and beautifully designed iPhone app that had me go, “Holy mother of Arkham Asylum Batman, I’ve got to put this up on Beautiful Pixels. There are  [ Read More ]

Consume is a fantastic iOS app from the fine folks at Bjango that lets you monitor the usage of various service providers ranging from mobile and broadband to package delivery services. I don’t know about you, but I was very excited when Bjango first previewed the iPad version of Consume back in May 2010. I’d  [ Read More ]

The fine folks at noidentity are no strangers to design. We’ve already featured ListBook here on Beautiful Pixels and their other two books apps, MoneyBook and BudgetBook carry some fine pixels as well. The duo is at it again with the release of their fourth app — Yearly. Yearly app is a gorgeous collection of  [ Read More ]

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