Thursday, October 19, 2017

I’m done with weather app introductions, so I’m gonna talk about Robocat here. I’m a big fan of in-app sounds and animations and few do them as well as Robocat. After impressing us with Thermo and Televised in the past, they are back & this time with a weather app. Haze is designed and developed  [ Read More ]

I attended a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 (WP7) design seminar here in Stockholm last week, where two designers of the Microsoft design team gave a comprehensive insight to the rationales behind the Metro design language. Of course, you do not need a four hour presentation about Metro to understand that Microsoft has been greatly inspired  [ Read More ]

Before the iPhone came out, phones looked like this: Different shapes and sizes. Flip phones and sliders. Candybars and decks of cards. Lots of hardware buttons. A hundred takes on the D-pad. A small screen (or two). This is what mobile phones looked like from the time I bought my first in the late 90s  [ Read More ]

New member of Android: Acer mobile phone series reviews New member of Android: Acer mobile phone series reviewsAcer has well and truly thrown its hat into the smartphone ring, with a slew of Android phones announced February. It’s not just the Liquid e that Acer is bringing out here at MWC 2010 and the company  [ Read More ]

HTC EVO 4G Android Phone Whopping 4.3-inch Screen Makes ALL the Difference! HTC EVO 4G Android Phone Save: 0.00 (60%) At: I own three phones, Sprint Palm Pre, T-Mobile Nexus One, and this HTC Evo 4G. One thing I have noticed over the physical keyboard and the Nexus One multi-touch is that HTC Evo  [ Read More ]

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