Thursday, October 19, 2017

At the center of the stage at the RWD rock concert stands the lead singer of the Media Queries band: Min-Max Width. While the fans look at her with admiration in their eyes, the not so famous bass player Min-Max Height jealously looks over at the lead singer in anger. Feverishly he tries to turn  [ Read More ]

Ramotion, previously known for the Pick’n’Roll app for Dribbble, have just released TurnPlay for iPad. And the app is, in my opinion, the most amazingly detailed audio player app for iPad I have ever seen. If you’ve seen Ramotion’s work in the past, you’ll know that they go that extra mile with their efforts in  [ Read More ]

The iOS ecosystem has tons of music composition apps and many prominent musicians like Jordan Rudess have been known to use iOS devices on stage. With apps like Garageband and Djay, iOS devices prove to be brilliant music composition devices as well. There has been a dearth of really great music learning tools on the  [ Read More ]

There are plenty of iTunes replacement apps out there. We’ve covered a few of those right here on Beautiful Pixels. So I wasn’t surprised when I came across Sonora. But after getting a good look at its UI and playing with it for a few minutes, I realized there’s a lot more to this app  [ Read More ]

We’ve taken a look at NowPlayer, a gesture-centric iPod controller. We’ve also done of quick peek of Attic, perfect for rediscovering some love for those unplayed goodies. Today I bring you Audium, a beautifully crafted, gesture driven app from Mic Pringle, the man with the coolest name in iOS app development. I believe Mic says  [ Read More ]

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