Thursday, October 19, 2017

I’ve seen some great finance apps release in the last year on iOS. xPence was my favourite for its simplicity and travel mode. There are robust expense tracking suites like MoneyWell that have iOS and Mac apps and others that are for people who just something simple for quick entry with a few statistics. Next  [ Read More ]

Many of the users on Twitter today have already settled onto their favorite mobile client or app. There’s a good chance that many of your reading this are already using Tweetbot as your client of choice — widely regarded as the best Twitter app available for iOS. There are also the users that prefer other  [ Read More ]

In spite of having a good GPS, the iPad didn’t ship with a Compass app like on the iPhone. Apple doesn’t bundle a Compass app with iOS for the iPad, which is something that bothered Eric Birgel when he bought his new Retina iPad a few months ago. Some would argue that it’d be stupid  [ Read More ]

Beatronome is a beautiful metronome app for iPhone and iPad that excels in its simple & clean interface. While it boasts an essential set of features, it’s the way these features have been laid down that impressed me the most. Beatronome offers what you’d normally expect from a metronome. You can set the tempo of  [ Read More ]

Minù is a tiny little kitchen timer app that has been heavily inspired by Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles of “Good Design”. It’s one of those apps that do one thing, but do it very well. The main screen features a beautiful big dial that works both as a Timer and a Stopwatch. Turn the dial  [ Read More ]

Shares is a simple iPhone app that lets you keep track of your stocks portfolio. Unlike most other stocks apps out there on the App Store which let you follow the stocks of the companies you are interested in, Shares gives you the option to add how many shares of that company you own and  [ Read More ]

I’m sure everyone who has attempted to prepare something to eat in the kitchen has found himself in a situation where you have to use X units of an item, but you have no clue exactly how much that unit is exactly. Many a times, a recipe for your favorite food item asks you to  [ Read More ]

Byword is an exceptional writing app for Mac that has just been released for iOS as well. It is one of the few “distraction-free apps” that is simple, elegant and yet features an unmatched level of polish. At its core, Byword is a simple text editor. It provides a beautiful and elegant on-screen environment to  [ Read More ]

I tried… I tried to come up with a clever title for this app, but I couldn’t. It really is a simple Google Analytics App for iPhone. And in this simplicity, lies the beauty of this app. Audience takes a very minimal approach to your Google Analytics data. It pulls only the relevant numbers and  [ Read More ]

No, this isn’t another contender who has just joined the race for super cheap (or free) Flashlight apps for iPhone. In fact, Lighty has been around for a long time now. Lighty is brought to you by the same developers who designed and developed the very hot BeachWeather app. So no surprises here that Lighty  [ Read More ]

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