Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sebastien Gabriel from Google’s UX team has written a comprehensive article about designing for different screen densities. This article is worth reading if you’re a designer and worth sharing to your designers if you’re a developer. This post will help designers (even without Android understanding) to understand how to create assets supporting different screen densities.  [ Read More ]

Taylor Ling has written yet another post that is absolutely worth your time. In the latest post Taylor describes the process behind crafting the user experience for the Unclouded app. Read the full post here: Android UI Patterns

Material design is something that I have not had time to write about yet (but believe when I say that I will!). Fortunately there’s no shortage of others talking about it. Today, Google’s Android Developers blog released a great post about the process they used to build the Google IO app for this year’s conference.  [ Read More ]

I’ve been reading about new APIs and services available in the new Android 4.4, KitKat, release. It looks like this release is another big step forwards with the platform UI design. Probably the biggest user-facing change is the toning down of the Holo blue colour throughout the system. The system status bar, for example, no  [ Read More ]

Ankur Kotwal from Google just released the fifth part of his DevBytes: Making Apps Beautiful series to the Android Developers YouTube channel. Each episode of the series introduces an important part of designing any Android app. Ankur then goes through the design approach as well as explains how it is implemented in code. The series tells  [ Read More ]

Google I/O 2013 session Android Design for UI Developers by Nick Butcher and Roman Nurik is now available in YouTube. If you read my blog you’re likely going to find this presentation very interesting as well as informative. Nick and Roman cover very important topics for bot designers and developers. I highly recommend taking the time to  [ Read More ]

The Getting Things Done (henceforth GTD) philosophy involves using something externally to record all your tasks so that your mind is free from the job of remembering them. Once the mind is free from remembering tasks, more effort can be spent on actually doing the tasks. As with most things in our life, a cleaner  [ Read More ]

Here’s another beautiful cocktail recipe app that has me thirsty and craving for some spirits. Back in August, we took a look at The Cocktail App — a stunning and beautifully designed iPhone app that had me go, “Holy mother of Arkham Asylum Batman, I’ve got to put this up on Beautiful Pixels. There are  [ Read More ]

Play by Play is your courtside announcer for the popular design community The app gives you a play-by-play of all the action with customizable notifications. Browse shots by players you follow, popular shots, shots from everyone, debuts, and your activity stream. Play by Play works for Players, Spectators, Prospects, and even if you don’t  [ Read More ]

Consume is a fantastic iOS app from the fine folks at Bjango that lets you monitor the usage of various service providers ranging from mobile and broadband to package delivery services. I don’t know about you, but I was very excited when Bjango first previewed the iPad version of Consume back in May 2010. I’d  [ Read More ]

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