Thursday, October 19, 2017

Many of the users on Twitter today have already settled onto their favorite mobile client or app. There’s a good chance that many of your reading this are already using Tweetbot as your client of choice — widely regarded as the best Twitter app available for iOS. There are also the users that prefer other  [ Read More ]

People have been recommending music on twitter for a long time with hashtags like #nowplaying and through apps that let you share your recommendations on twitter like Soundtracking or NowPlaying. The problem with most song recommendations on twitter is the lack of a preview. makes it insanely easy to recommend a song and also  [ Read More ]

Our thanks to TeleTweet for sponsoring this week’s RSS feed. Don’t just tweet, TeleTweet! Turn a mundane, everyday Twitter update into a nostalgic trip back to a simpler time. Instead of wondering how to navigate an out-of-date relic like the Qwerty keyboard (c. 1878) and its confusing array of rows upon rows of keys, use  [ Read More ]

One would have never imagined an app that would let you tweet while learning morse code at the same time. Shacked Software have created a stunning Twitter client that lets you tweet in morse code with TeleTweet. It gives you that nostalgic feeling of sending and receiving telegrams in morse code. While it may seem  [ Read More ]

Today, Twitter unveiled redesigns for their website, iPhone and Android apps. As a long-time Twitter user and Twitter app aficionado, I’ve come to expect a certain level of thought & polish in everything Twitter does, so I’m sad to say I’m not a huge fan of their new direction. Low Information Density Mobile phone screens  [ Read More ]

When @drbarnard posted a snapshot of the finely crafted Tweet Speaker icon seen above my response was simply, “No idea what that is but I want one.” Behind that icon wasn’t just an interface filled with more delicious design, but a fully-functional app that I’ve already found indispensable. Tweet Speaker is from App Cubby, the  [ Read More ]

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