Thursday, October 19, 2017

It is not often when you run into an app that demonstrates both best and worst design and implementation out there. But Yahoo! has done it with their weather app for Android. This app is a sad example of what ignorance of the platform and its guidelines can do to an app that has a  [ Read More ]

Yesterday, I wrote an article pointing out issues in the new Yahoo! Weather app. To my surprise the post has turned out to be quite a controversial one. Here are some reactions to it (I won’t even touch reddit comments 😉 Now, before anyone tweets / messages these people, don’t. They have a point (although  [ Read More ]

Let’s face it, you’re already tired of the abundance of weather apps that show up on the App Store everyday. Every single one of you has, by now, already settled into their favorite weather app and there are literally thousands of you who don’t even depend on a weather app. Every time we showcase a  [ Read More ]

I’m done with weather app introductions, so I’m gonna talk about Robocat here. I’m a big fan of in-app sounds and animations and few do them as well as Robocat. After impressing us with Thermo and Televised in the past, they are back & this time with a weather app. Haze is designed and developed  [ Read More ]

Most people use separate apps for the weather and the calendar. There are a number of great weather apps and amazing calendar apps on iOS. Horizon Calendar for iPhone aims to change that. Instead of having to check your schedule and then check the weather for the same day, you should be able to do  [ Read More ]

Remember Sun, the Weather web app that we wrote about back in July last year? It was another phenomenal example of what could be achieved in a webapp using the modern Webkit offerings and some iOS APIs. It made use of some neat gestures to navigate in the app and of course, it was painted  [ Read More ]

We keep getting asked why we feature so many weather apps here. It happens after every single weather app review. We do it because there are so many gorgeous weather apps out there. But what makes a weather app stand out and worthy of being featured here? It isn’t just weather data or a boring  [ Read More ]

The number of great looking apps on iOS is massive and we have featured a lot of them here. With the introduction of Android 4.0 (ICS) and eventually 4.1 (Jellybean), Matias Duarte has been changing Android for the better. The overall experience of using a stock Android device is improving with each update. While the  [ Read More ]

“What’s this? Another Weather app on Beautiful Pixels, what’s going on?” There’s a good chance a few of you may have exclaimed that after reading the title of the post or our tweet. We agree that we often feature a LOT of weather apps here on the site, but that’s only because there are a  [ Read More ]

The App Store has more weather apps that are worth writing about than I have ways to introduce weather app reviews. Having a weather app available seems like something every designer wants to do right now and while there are some that look similar to others, I love it when developers and designers work towards  [ Read More ]

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